Monday, September 1, 2014

Mission Statement
Our mission is to identify and expose the elements of unrighteous behavior in our society, particularly in areas of public administration and among public officials. Our purpose is not only to discourage public servants from unrighteous political actions, which is thus manifest in various public policies, but also to explain the origin and nature of the unrighteousness and its real impact on life both immediately and over the long term and take measures to eliminate unrighteous legislation.  Unrighteousness behavior in any social order is a social disease which cripples and erodes the moral ethos of the social order until the foundations of morality and ethics are no longer clear or understood. Righteousness then becomes so nebulous that it ceases to be recognized as the underlying foundation of our system of jurisprudence and our social order. At this point the social order becomes chaotic and engulfed by growing crime and social evils.  Many people do not even recognize the bizarre acts as criminal or evil; controversy and relativism flourishes and confusion and ignorance prevails. The moral ethos is then reduced to arbitrary public policy.  Our nation is experiencing this phenomenon now.

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