Monday, December 16, 2013

Some Vocabulary for Home School or foreign students


1.    Valid: Having legal force.

2.    Commiserate: To have pity, to feel sorrow, etc.

3.    Constant: continuously happening.

4.    Guardian: Someone that protects, watches over, etc.

5.    Persistent: refusing to give up.

6.    Vigilance: Alert watchfulness.

7.    Exposed: To subject or to be subjected.

8.    Influence: Impact, brainwash.

9.    Repugnant: contradictory, arousing disgust.

10.           Wholesome: Good health, spirit.

11.           Considerable: Significant.

12.           Assure: To inform, to be sure of something.

13.           Fallacy: False notion, constant in attention.

14.           Ideal: Considered the best of its kind.

15.           Virtue: Moral excellence.

16.           Concert: Agreement in purpose.

17.           Queried: A question, an inquiry.

18.           Inclined: To be disposed to an opinion.

19.           Convergence: To Come together.

20.           Harmony: An agreement.

21.           Accord: To agree, to bring into harmony.

22.           Precisely: In a precise manner.

23.           Congruous: Appropriate or harmonious.

24.           Esteem: To regard with, to respect.

25.           Resource: Something that can be used for support or help.

26.           Consensus: An opinion or position reached by a group.

27.           Awkward: Not graceful, clumsy.

28.           Infeasible : Impracticable.

29.           Proceed : To continue with something.

30.           Intuitive : Perceiving by assessment of subconscious cognition or beliefs.

31.           Judgment : To judge, to prove guilty or not

32.           Rejects : To refuse to accept

33.           Notion : A belief or opinion.

34.           Circumvented : To surround, to enclose, to entrap.

35.           Onus : A difficult or disagreeable responsibility or necessity.

36.           Resolution : A course of action determined or decided on.

37.           Imposes : To establish or apply.

38.           Deprives : To take something away from.

39.           Tend : To take care of, to apply to someone’s attention.

40.           Initiate : A step to take action.

41.           Adverse : Moving in an opposite direction, disagreement.

42.           Denies : To declare untrue.

43.           Intuition : The act of  knowing or sensing without the use of rational process.

44.           Tactful : Possessing or exhibiting.

45.           Diplomatic : Involving diplomacy or diplomats.

46.           Non-confrontational :

47.           Establish : To set up, to found.

48.           Subcommittee : A subordinate committee composed of members appointed from a main committee.

49.           Governance : Exercise authority and control.

50.           Corpus : A large collection of writings of a specific kind or subject

51.           Informal : Not formal, casual, for every day wear or use.

52.           Seldom : Not very often.

53.           Presentation : To present.

54.           Paramount : Of chief concern, high rank in power.

55.           Ample : Of large size, amount, or capacity.

56.           Consideration : Careful thought.

57.           Virtue: Moral excellence.

58.           Accuracy: Precision; exactness.

59.           Definition: The meaning of something.

60.           Dominate: To control.

61.           Perceive: To become aware through any of the senses.

62.           Achievable: Can be accomplished.

63.           Criticism: A critical comment or judgment.

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